martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

The Concerts...

The concerts are always very entertaining, especially when the music is good.
I went to my last concert in the summer but i remember still this concert. The musical show was realized in a Club in the neighbourhood Bellas Artes and was very entertaining for me.
I decided to go to the musical event because the style of group musical is my favourite music , and my friends too were to event .
This concert particularly was special for me, because I did not know this group of music and I saw and hear his music all night with my friends.
The music in the event was mainly chilean hip hop , this music was headed for the group Tiro de Gracia .
Is important for the Chilean music to give importance to events or concerts , because this groups can do succeses with your music .
The Group Tiro de Gracia was created at the beginning of the decade of the 90's, and his members were Juan sativa, Dura lengua, and others , are characterized by be a group of lyrical aggressive. Tiro De Gracia is energetic and his performances and direct style are positive.
In the concert also I heard others groups that
were very good . the music concert hip hop, other groups also presented the same style of music and the number of people that heard the concert was small , and this was very good. For this reason I could see the band near and enjoy music directly.
But very often I'm not going to concerts and sporting event, but if I decid to go is more fun listening to favorite bands musical concerts and spending time with friends enjoying the music.

Generally Chilean hip hop music is refers to social problems, conflicts poverty, discriminazione and the need of the young in express their ideals and dreams.
Hip hop music is often presented as a way of expressing different things about society and the sounds and rhythms in his music including a variety of instruments.
this type of music is influenced by rhythms of other countries, this groups have many Fantics, who identify with the groups of music, style of life, clothing styles and ways of thinking.