martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An ideal job

An ideal job

The job in general is very necessary and most of persons not are very entertaining in their jobs, but if I could choose a job, I would choose to be a Forest ranger in specially for to invigilate and protect a national park, such as national parks in the south of Chile, or any national park around country. I really like to work for forest rangers, because it is a job that would give me the opportunity to be connected to the environment, protect the environment and avoid various risks that occur in the areas of natural parks, such as forest fires, trash produced by tourists, the protection of native animal species and have a permanent contact with the landscapes that exist in the national parks of Chile.
I think that to be a ranger is very entertaining, because there is the possibility of to know many extreme places, beautiful landscapes and many exotic animals.

This job would be satisfactory for my life, because help me to care the environment and have a relation very frequent with people in national parks that is fantastic, too to know all the wildlife that exists in these areas of nature protection.

I do not know anyone personally that to do the work of rangers but I've seen many people doing this job in national parks that exist in Chile, for example, Robinson Crusoe island, also in institutions such as CONAF, CONAMA that are working directly with the parks nationals in the country.

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

The famous person that I would like to meet …

The famous person that I would like to meet …

A famous person I would like to know is a rock singer. The alternative rock band Coldplay, but especially the vocalist called Chris Martin. I would talk with the vocalist because he's a very talented, a good musician and the singer of my favorite songs.
I like to see specially in a concert of music to Chris Martin and talk with him about his career, the things that him think about life, the lyrics of their songs, why he writes songs as good, what is him favorite song, what things him think about of his fanatics and all the projects in the future on the music.
I think a meeting with my favorite singer would be very entertaining because I could ask about all the songs of the musical band and projects in the future, apart from enjoy the music that he sing. I would ask that he sing my favorite song, is fantastic have the opportunity to be with an artist so important and talk with him.

Other thing that I could to ask is him opinion of Chile and the fanatics of the British music in Chile. Finally I think that is important beyond to know a famous person, is share a moment daily and to learn in this situation the real life of a famous person, although is really impossible to have so good luck in life for share this moments with a famous person that always or since very little we know.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

The perfect day

My idea of a perfect day.
A perfect day for me is to wake in the morning in a beautiful landscape with a big lake or the sea , and a lot of friends or my family with entertaining company.
Also a day of vacation in the Caribbean beach, with a sunny day, warm water and sunshine to enjoy in the beach.
The ideal landscape in this perfect day is with great mountains with a lot of vegetation, animals and people enjoying the day.
the people that will are with me at the perfect day are my friends and especially people with who enjoy and people that makes me laugh all the day.

Is important consider the type of music that i would like to hear in my perfect day in the beach, my idea is to listen a musical band with my friends all the day and night, for have a good time. The favourite food for me and my friends without a lot of problems and worry relative a tje job , the university or the family ..

I've never had a perfect day of vacation with my friends in a Carbbean Beach , with my favourite musical band and food but is important essentiallity the company with my friends and family.
I think that is important fundamentally share with the friends and with the people that you appreciate without important the places and beautiful landscape that i can to visit.

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Tourism in Santiago

Tourism in Santiago

Santiago is a city that has many inhabitants and too many things to know. But to know Santiago a tourist has to start visiting the center of Santiago called Santiago center, because is the capital of Chile.
To start a tourist should know the historical places of Santiago, such as national monuments, national libraries. National Museum, home of the presidency, the most important and bigger hills of Santiago, the city parks, and at night the party places. The neighborhood at night to share with friends and also places like bars to drink, dance and meet many people in Chile.
It is also important to know the mountains of the Andes, for example travel to the center of snow, this center is located in the metropolitan region.
A foreign tourist has to visit the most important buildings in Santiago and meet bars, theaters, museums, Chilean music, drinks and food of Santiago.
The first five places and activities of a foreign tourist in Santiago:
1. visiting the historical center of Santiago, because here are the buildings of architectural attractions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the traditional universities of Chile and other historic sites.
2. Knowing the presidential palace, because this place represents the political and administrative authority of chili.
3. Meet the Santiago metropolitan park, it is the main green area of Santiago and is the metropolitan zoo.
4. Meet the bohemian neighborhood of Santiago, because it is a good place to go out and share with friends
5. Visiting mountains of the Andes, because they are centers ski and fun.