martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

The most interesting place in London

The most interesting places to visit in London are especially Kew Gardens and Camden Market London, because these places are very entertaining and with many things that know. For example Kew Gardens is a place about of botanic and natural attractions in relation to the plants, is very interesting and beautiful the conservations of different plants.
In my opinion other place interesting is Camden Market because in this zone they are different things for buy and general information about different aspects in the Market, different alternatives fashion, for example the vintage clothing, arts and different pubs, music and all kind of things.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

the greatest Chilean of all time

The greatest Chilean of all time in my opinion is the Chilean Poet Pablo Neruda that is called really Ricardo Eliezer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto. He poet was born in July of 1904 , in the town of Parral , in the south of country.
He was the best poet in all the country and he was awarded the Novel Literature Prize in 1971 , too Pablo neruda to take an active part in different things on chilean politics, in special with the election campaing of Salvador Allende that was ex president in Chile.
The deeds of this celebrity are importante , because this transcends in multiplicity of areas in the history in Chile, for example in the arts, in the music, in the politic and in the literature.
I would like to ask to this person about of his motivation and interest on all the things that he developed in his life, in special his interest on the literature and the politic.

An important question that I would make Pablo Neruda is the cause of his death, because many authors of books that made biographies of the poet, writes that the causes of Pablo Neruda's death was caused by suicide.
Well it is important to the life of Pablo Neruda international recognition of his writings, the Nobel Prize for literature and its reputation worldwide.

Pablo Neruda's participation in Chilean politics is important to analyze. Pablo Neruda was involved in leftist politics of Chile, specifically with the government of Salvador Allende and the ideals of development of the Allende government. he participated internationally as Chile's ambassador to European countries and support the economic policies promoted by the government.
Finally after the 1973 military coup kept a distance pablo neruda on the policies implemented by the government.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An ideal job

An ideal job

The job in general is very necessary and most of persons not are very entertaining in their jobs, but if I could choose a job, I would choose to be a Forest ranger in specially for to invigilate and protect a national park, such as national parks in the south of Chile, or any national park around country. I really like to work for forest rangers, because it is a job that would give me the opportunity to be connected to the environment, protect the environment and avoid various risks that occur in the areas of natural parks, such as forest fires, trash produced by tourists, the protection of native animal species and have a permanent contact with the landscapes that exist in the national parks of Chile.
I think that to be a ranger is very entertaining, because there is the possibility of to know many extreme places, beautiful landscapes and many exotic animals.

This job would be satisfactory for my life, because help me to care the environment and have a relation very frequent with people in national parks that is fantastic, too to know all the wildlife that exists in these areas of nature protection.

I do not know anyone personally that to do the work of rangers but I've seen many people doing this job in national parks that exist in Chile, for example, Robinson Crusoe island, also in institutions such as CONAF, CONAMA that are working directly with the parks nationals in the country.

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

The famous person that I would like to meet …

The famous person that I would like to meet …

A famous person I would like to know is a rock singer. The alternative rock band Coldplay, but especially the vocalist called Chris Martin. I would talk with the vocalist because he's a very talented, a good musician and the singer of my favorite songs.
I like to see specially in a concert of music to Chris Martin and talk with him about his career, the things that him think about life, the lyrics of their songs, why he writes songs as good, what is him favorite song, what things him think about of his fanatics and all the projects in the future on the music.
I think a meeting with my favorite singer would be very entertaining because I could ask about all the songs of the musical band and projects in the future, apart from enjoy the music that he sing. I would ask that he sing my favorite song, is fantastic have the opportunity to be with an artist so important and talk with him.

Other thing that I could to ask is him opinion of Chile and the fanatics of the British music in Chile. Finally I think that is important beyond to know a famous person, is share a moment daily and to learn in this situation the real life of a famous person, although is really impossible to have so good luck in life for share this moments with a famous person that always or since very little we know.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

The perfect day

My idea of a perfect day.
A perfect day for me is to wake in the morning in a beautiful landscape with a big lake or the sea , and a lot of friends or my family with entertaining company.
Also a day of vacation in the Caribbean beach, with a sunny day, warm water and sunshine to enjoy in the beach.
The ideal landscape in this perfect day is with great mountains with a lot of vegetation, animals and people enjoying the day.
the people that will are with me at the perfect day are my friends and especially people with who enjoy and people that makes me laugh all the day.

Is important consider the type of music that i would like to hear in my perfect day in the beach, my idea is to listen a musical band with my friends all the day and night, for have a good time. The favourite food for me and my friends without a lot of problems and worry relative a tje job , the university or the family ..

I've never had a perfect day of vacation with my friends in a Carbbean Beach , with my favourite musical band and food but is important essentiallity the company with my friends and family.
I think that is important fundamentally share with the friends and with the people that you appreciate without important the places and beautiful landscape that i can to visit.

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Tourism in Santiago

Tourism in Santiago

Santiago is a city that has many inhabitants and too many things to know. But to know Santiago a tourist has to start visiting the center of Santiago called Santiago center, because is the capital of Chile.
To start a tourist should know the historical places of Santiago, such as national monuments, national libraries. National Museum, home of the presidency, the most important and bigger hills of Santiago, the city parks, and at night the party places. The neighborhood at night to share with friends and also places like bars to drink, dance and meet many people in Chile.
It is also important to know the mountains of the Andes, for example travel to the center of snow, this center is located in the metropolitan region.
A foreign tourist has to visit the most important buildings in Santiago and meet bars, theaters, museums, Chilean music, drinks and food of Santiago.
The first five places and activities of a foreign tourist in Santiago:
1. visiting the historical center of Santiago, because here are the buildings of architectural attractions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the traditional universities of Chile and other historic sites.
2. Knowing the presidential palace, because this place represents the political and administrative authority of chili.
3. Meet the Santiago metropolitan park, it is the main green area of Santiago and is the metropolitan zoo.
4. Meet the bohemian neighborhood of Santiago, because it is a good place to go out and share with friends
5. Visiting mountains of the Andes, because they are centers ski and fun.

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

The student S demonstrations

The student S demonstrations

The students in the state universities are making a program of actions for to express their discontent with the education system in the levels of secondary, higher education and university education .
The Chile state needs a lot of changes in his structure and credit system for the students specially in the states universities.
Is very important to consider the state eduaction as a resort in the country and give the money neccesary to universities for his maintenance .
Is the basisc difference of the industrialised countries with the developing countries that to have an education of high quality that permit more develop , while the developing countries to have an eduaction of poor quality.
I feel thet is very important the demonstrations of the students about of a lot of injustices in the system and the best way of to express this situation is protesting for the system.
I have not participate frecuently in the university with the student , but is important participate in all activities for demostrate the opinion of the students in the country.
the eduacion is a fundamental tool for developing countries and for the peoples is the way of come out to poverty and marginalization.

The education is a tool very important for the peoples and for this reason is necessary defend the states education , is important consider the levels primary, secondary higher education and university eduacion for the develop of the country.
The demonstrations are very important in this process.

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010

The Concerts...

The concerts are always very entertaining, especially when the music is good.
I went to my last concert in the summer but i remember still this concert. The musical show was realized in a Club in the neighbourhood Bellas Artes and was very entertaining for me.
I decided to go to the musical event because the style of group musical is my favourite music , and my friends too were to event .
This concert particularly was special for me, because I did not know this group of music and I saw and hear his music all night with my friends.
The music in the event was mainly chilean hip hop , this music was headed for the group Tiro de Gracia .
Is important for the Chilean music to give importance to events or concerts , because this groups can do succeses with your music .
The Group Tiro de Gracia was created at the beginning of the decade of the 90's, and his members were Juan sativa, Dura lengua, and others , are characterized by be a group of lyrical aggressive. Tiro De Gracia is energetic and his performances and direct style are positive.
In the concert also I heard others groups that
were very good . the music concert hip hop, other groups also presented the same style of music and the number of people that heard the concert was small , and this was very good. For this reason I could see the band near and enjoy music directly.
But very often I'm not going to concerts and sporting event, but if I decid to go is more fun listening to favorite bands musical concerts and spending time with friends enjoying the music.

Generally Chilean hip hop music is refers to social problems, conflicts poverty, discriminazione and the need of the young in express their ideals and dreams.
Hip hop music is often presented as a way of expressing different things about society and the sounds and rhythms in his music including a variety of instruments.
this type of music is influenced by rhythms of other countries, this groups have many Fantics, who identify with the groups of music, style of life, clothing styles and ways of thinking.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chileeee 1 V/S Honduras 0 !!!

I watched all the game of Chile vS honduras. This game was really entertaining and fantastic because during twelve years Chile not game the world cup. I watched the game in my home with my family. I was very concentrated with my brother, my sisters and my parents.
During all the game I was eager and concentrated watching the game but i enjoyed all the time, because the game was entertaining and the players are good.
I think that all the players of chile did a fantastic gam, but the best chilean player in my opinion is Alexis Sanchez, because he is a forward player very skilful and rapid also he is very important because is a goal scorer very talented.
In my opinion the worst chilean player was Jorge Valdivia because was imprecise and vague in the game and with others players he had very errors, but he is a very good playerin general.
I think that Chile is a very good team soccer with many capacity for win soccer games to many group in the soccer , but is too very complicated to have other rivals with more experienced in the World cup , for example Brasil that wined five world cups in the history , also other groups like Alemania , Italia or Italia. Well is very complicated that Chile win the World cup , but if the team soccer Chilean is specific and with good game this can to have a participation favourable in the world cup.
well is entertaining see the game of Chile!!

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My best Holiday!

My best Holiday not is easy to choose, because I have many holiday entertaining. But one of my most impressive and new holiday was traveling to Isla Robinson Crusoe.
I went on holiday to this place many years back. The first time when I was to this place I was with twelve years and the second time when I was thirteen years.
The first trip to Robinson Crusoe Island I was a little scared , but it was really fun travel. I did many things, I met many places in the island, such as Juan Fernandez National Park, the coastal area of the island, many people friendly and I lived with a happy family on the island.
I remember this vacation different things, for example: when I travel by boat this was amazing for me, even when I walk many hours to the top of a mountain of great height. I remember that in the place the food was very good. Many fish, seafood and typical food of the island, the lobster dish.
Well my holiday was very good on the island Robinson Crusoe and I think back to visit the island very soon because it is a very nice place, quiet, very nice people and where you can do many things!
well , the holiday is one time for enjoy and relax but is very good when I could to travel with my friends.

My favorite theme of geography

In the race of geography there are many things that I like, but when I choose, one that most interests me in this semester is "Chile geographical problems." This class taught by Professor Miguel Alonso and he is friendly teacher.
I like this class because it is practical, applicable, easy to understand and is much more practical to study and work.
The class of geographical problems of Chile is related to the environment, social and economic of an area or territory, the problems that exist in one place and the complex relation between the elements.
This semester I learn many things related to environmental impact. The environmental impacts are complex, with many professionals who help in the evaluation of environmental impact and working areas well defined.
It is important to environmental laws that apply in Chile, for to make environmental impact evaluation. I think that environmental problems are very common throughout Chile and we have to study all these problems.
When I work in geography the subject of environmental impact evaluation is a useful item that allows me to be qualified to work on the environmental in the work of geography. The geography is necessary to help in the environmental problems that are occurring in Chile.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

My good friend!

I have some good friends, including friends from home, old school friends, but especially my neighborhood friend. she is , my classmate in the university, and also my old classmate at the school. she is Isabel.
I know isabel long time. since we were little aproximatelly five or six years old, but it is my good friend from twelve years of age.
I met my friend isabel in the primary school , and since she lives near my house we share a long time. after we started college together.
I see very often isabel because she is my college friend and we are quite time together.
I get along well with Isabel, because she is nice and we like some similar things like music, parties, share with friends, thinking about some suchlike.
We doing many things together, such fun, share with friends, studying in college, and share experiences every day.
Isabel is in general a person with many good qualities such as friendly, cheerful, comprehensive, and also a good counsellor. She is a nice person.
well my good fiend is important for me . To have one companion for compart , divert and distract is entertaining and more good when are similarities interests.

I decided to study geography because...

Geography is my career since 2007 and I decided to study it, because at the time that I saw my options was interesting for me.
well I found this Career attractive because the courses are entertaining, interesting and a bit complicated.
Geography is about of things such as territory, the environment and biogeography also about climatology, urban development, rural development, social and cultural. Also a set of attractive themes to work.
When I take the desicion to study geography nothing helped me. I only chose my best option at the moment.
I've never regretted my choice because I love geography, but sometimes I studied things that I not like.
the area of geography that I would like to study but it is about many things, such as environment, soils, but also the social and economic area.
for me the areas that i like really is work whith the natural anda the social , the work with the environment is my dream in the future anda i hope have the posibility of to get a occupation in this area .
My objetive in the geography is I help in the difficulties on territory in areas social and essencially in the environment.
well the important is to have valour for study this career , because is very long y with patience is easier

martes, 18 de mayo de 2010

Field trip in the coast of Pichilemu

My field trip in the coast of Pichilemu was very intense, with a long time studing in terrain the problems relatives to organizations in the society, Economy Institutions and the work of the municipality, about of the catastrophe product of Tsunami and Earthquake in the zone visited.
The first day the activities was the observations and determination in the field on the problems.
The second day many activities with classmattes, about the diversity area in the coast. The identification of differences and distribution of the economic activities in the area.
finally the last day in the Pichilemu all my classmattes were very tireds, because the field trip was strong.
I learnt near of field trip in pichilemu many things in realtion to the course of “Gestion integrada de zonas costeras” .
this trip was very interesting for to inform about the economic activities of the population, the social organization and the mode of work of the government institutions in the area, also on the municipality. The activities in the coast and his significance for the persons that be living in the zone.
I like the coast of Pichilemu but not I would like to live in this place because is in general colder and there is more wind that is cold.

Correction in the blog of Mauricio.

Because god is angry with us...?

The last film that I've seen was "Legion", maybe this film don`t be the best film of the last year, but his history is very interesting, "the battle for the world against the angels".
The director of this film is Scott Stuard (This is your first big film) and the principal cast act: Paul Bettany(Dogville - Winbledon - The Da Vinci Code - Iron Man), Paul Black and Kevin Durand (Lost - X- Men Origins).

The history passes in a out-road diner, becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in humankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner with the Archangel Michael (Bettany)

The history become in a second coming of the Chosen, the Archangel Michael must save a woman from the fury of the angels who want to kill his son, the chosen.

In this movie the angels are a demons...but I would have liked a longer story, which show completely the battle for the salvation of the human race.

Is a good movie, I recommend.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

In the blog of Mauricio….!!!...

In the blog of “Mauro” there are many innovations , but many of his thoughts are related to written about the music and in specially the Metal music. I think that in Mauricio the music is very important.
My classmate has written many things,for example the free-time activities like the music, in special the play guitar and listen music more aggressive . although the personality of Mauricio is more affective, and less aggressive. He is very glad.
He has many photographs and videos relating to music. The preferred technology article of Mauricio is the radio and the film more interesting for he is The Legion. This film is good, has great action and it is fantastic.
Well , the blog of Mauro represents many interests that he have in your life, like music, technology and leisure activities, that are very entertaining and relaxing especially to play guitar.
My first impression was that the blog of mauro is very black ajajjaja. Mauricio adds more color! ¡!in your blog is better and more beautiful, if there is more color also is more entertainent, the color in the blog is more related with your personality that is much more fun!!

miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

My activity in free time

My activity in free time

my activity in free time is very entertaining. Is very important to have time to do things for enjoy and relax, also is very good for be happy, ajjaja..
The sport is generally one of the things that I like most, but the activity that is wonderful is The rollers.
the rollers in the Street is very entertaining, but I can not practice very often, not always I have time to rollerblade and that's sad.
I rollerblade since I was 7 years old and very young I have never stopped rollers in the street.
when i was 7 years old, my father bought me a pair of Rollers for children and my motivation was very stronge. for many years I love this sport and I hope to have more time to practice.
I like parctice in the rollers, because it is very entertaining, enjoying especially in the street, however it is dangerous when there are many cars.
I especially remember when I fell in my rollers, this fall was very strong. but it is bad beacuse if you have fear slide in the rollers is dangerous.

well, but my motivation is more stronger than the danger of an accident.

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

the explosion of an Volcano

The explosion of a volcano in europe
The volcano that erupted in Europe and is located in Iceland caused many problems on the Continent of Europe. This is a terrible catastrophe

The Best Film

The best movie that I've seen recently is

The premier of this film was in summer ago, but I see this movie very recently.
This movie was great, and I saw the weekend. The Orphan is a scary movie. this film is very good, it has suspense, is mysterious and also keeps the attention of people all the duration of the film.
The star of the film is a girl that looks like of ten year old girl. This child is wanted in a psychiatric hospital in the country of Russia. She escaped from the hospital and she hides in a orphanage. she enters in this orphanage as a child of 10years. The orphan really has about 35 years, but looks like of ten years. The clothing and way of life of the girls is very sad, and the parents who adopt the girl the receiving at home.

The end of the film is of scary!!. The girls is a murderer and is who kills to his parents, the problem is that the family is destroyed, but the mother and daughter of the orphan do not died and lived in the home.

I liked the film because it is of scary, and also because keeps the attention and fear all the duration of the movie. It is a very entertaining film with many moments of fear.
this movie is really very good and you can spend time in see.
the artist and star of the film not is an actress know, but she acts really well! and is a little girl in the real life.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Earthquake on February 27

On the night of February 27 in Chile was a powerful experience, because I had never felt anything like it.
The night on the earthquake I was at a party in an apartment floor 21. On the 21st floor of the earthquake was felt with a grade 15 ajajajjaaj. I thought that dying in this earthquake. At the party had many friends and they were all very scared.
In the Department all things were on the ground, all broke. There was also light and had no cell phone connection.
I think the earthquake in Chile was very intense, but Santiago was less affected than other regions of Chile.
People living in southern Chile are more affected by the earthquake of February 27, they lost their homes, their jobs and many people died in a tsunami off the coast of Chile.
Thank God I'm fine and my family and friends also
The earthquake was a powerful experience.

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

My favorite piece of technology

The notebook is actually my favorite piece of technology, this is a laptop that is currently being used often, is really needed and help with everyday problems in communication, in academic work and also to talk with friends.

The first time I use my notebook was years ago, entering college and it really is very necessary to me.

I love my notebook, because thanks to him I can do many things, like homework, work, talk with my friends, my family, listening to music, learning new things with my internet connection, really is wonderful!.

Without my computer would have many problems, I could not do my work, study on my computer, talking with friends, organize my work during the day and talk to my family. If I do not I have my computer all day I would be very difficult, I could not relax either listening to music, could be terrible!

Technology is needed!. Unfortunately I am a user of the technology and is essential for my work.

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010


Today I decided to talk about my favorite song in this moment:
this song is from the British musical group called KEANE and I love this music in general.
Especially the song I like is "SOMEWHERE ONLY WE NOW" and the sound of the song is very nice. I love this band with theirs instruments, because Keane in the song uses the piano and guitar.
The keane is a British rock group and it is very good.
The music group Keane is an English rock band, piano rock and alternative rock.

when I heard this song it was in 2006, when I was in school and did not know the group who sang this song. Now this is my favorite song!.
I frequently hear this song, in my free time and when I'm a little stressed I like to listen to this song.
the picture that is included in my blog is the lead singer of the band, also plays piano and sings the most of the songs.

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

welcome to my site

Hi classmates!
I hope to learn together in this new challengue in English, enjoy the classes and share new experiences
luck to all of the blog and much encouragement and enthusiasm during this semester in English