miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010


Today I decided to talk about my favorite song in this moment:
this song is from the British musical group called KEANE and I love this music in general.
Especially the song I like is "SOMEWHERE ONLY WE NOW" and the sound of the song is very nice. I love this band with theirs instruments, because Keane in the song uses the piano and guitar.
The keane is a British rock group and it is very good.
The music group Keane is an English rock band, piano rock and alternative rock.

when I heard this song it was in 2006, when I was in school and did not know the group who sang this song. Now this is my favorite song!.
I frequently hear this song, in my free time and when I'm a little stressed I like to listen to this song.
the picture that is included in my blog is the lead singer of the band, also plays piano and sings the most of the songs.

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

welcome to my site

Hi classmates!
I hope to learn together in this new challengue in English, enjoy the classes and share new experiences
luck to all of the blog and much encouragement and enthusiasm during this semester in English