martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

The student S demonstrations

The student S demonstrations

The students in the state universities are making a program of actions for to express their discontent with the education system in the levels of secondary, higher education and university education .
The Chile state needs a lot of changes in his structure and credit system for the students specially in the states universities.
Is very important to consider the state eduaction as a resort in the country and give the money neccesary to universities for his maintenance .
Is the basisc difference of the industrialised countries with the developing countries that to have an education of high quality that permit more develop , while the developing countries to have an eduaction of poor quality.
I feel thet is very important the demonstrations of the students about of a lot of injustices in the system and the best way of to express this situation is protesting for the system.
I have not participate frecuently in the university with the student , but is important participate in all activities for demostrate the opinion of the students in the country.
the eduacion is a fundamental tool for developing countries and for the peoples is the way of come out to poverty and marginalization.

The education is a tool very important for the peoples and for this reason is necessary defend the states education , is important consider the levels primary, secondary higher education and university eduacion for the develop of the country.
The demonstrations are very important in this process.

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  1. Yes! the education is very important for the development of the country!
    See you soon