martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

The perfect day

My idea of a perfect day.
A perfect day for me is to wake in the morning in a beautiful landscape with a big lake or the sea , and a lot of friends or my family with entertaining company.
Also a day of vacation in the Caribbean beach, with a sunny day, warm water and sunshine to enjoy in the beach.
The ideal landscape in this perfect day is with great mountains with a lot of vegetation, animals and people enjoying the day.
the people that will are with me at the perfect day are my friends and especially people with who enjoy and people that makes me laugh all the day.

Is important consider the type of music that i would like to hear in my perfect day in the beach, my idea is to listen a musical band with my friends all the day and night, for have a good time. The favourite food for me and my friends without a lot of problems and worry relative a tje job , the university or the family ..

I've never had a perfect day of vacation with my friends in a Carbbean Beach , with my favourite musical band and food but is important essentiallity the company with my friends and family.
I think that is important fundamentally share with the friends and with the people that you appreciate without important the places and beautiful landscape that i can to visit.

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