martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

The famous person that I would like to meet …

The famous person that I would like to meet …

A famous person I would like to know is a rock singer. The alternative rock band Coldplay, but especially the vocalist called Chris Martin. I would talk with the vocalist because he's a very talented, a good musician and the singer of my favorite songs.
I like to see specially in a concert of music to Chris Martin and talk with him about his career, the things that him think about life, the lyrics of their songs, why he writes songs as good, what is him favorite song, what things him think about of his fanatics and all the projects in the future on the music.
I think a meeting with my favorite singer would be very entertaining because I could ask about all the songs of the musical band and projects in the future, apart from enjoy the music that he sing. I would ask that he sing my favorite song, is fantastic have the opportunity to be with an artist so important and talk with him.

Other thing that I could to ask is him opinion of Chile and the fanatics of the British music in Chile. Finally I think that is important beyond to know a famous person, is share a moment daily and to learn in this situation the real life of a famous person, although is really impossible to have so good luck in life for share this moments with a famous person that always or since very little we know.

3 comentarios:

  1. Good choice!
    He is a good famous person for know
    See you later

  2. Hi Maricel, good choice, because this man is very attractive and his music are very beautiful and sensitive!

    I see you, kisses.

  3. ooo gustavo ceratti. the nico say that know them jajaja