martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

An ideal job

An ideal job

The job in general is very necessary and most of persons not are very entertaining in their jobs, but if I could choose a job, I would choose to be a Forest ranger in specially for to invigilate and protect a national park, such as national parks in the south of Chile, or any national park around country. I really like to work for forest rangers, because it is a job that would give me the opportunity to be connected to the environment, protect the environment and avoid various risks that occur in the areas of natural parks, such as forest fires, trash produced by tourists, the protection of native animal species and have a permanent contact with the landscapes that exist in the national parks of Chile.
I think that to be a ranger is very entertaining, because there is the possibility of to know many extreme places, beautiful landscapes and many exotic animals.

This job would be satisfactory for my life, because help me to care the environment and have a relation very frequent with people in national parks that is fantastic, too to know all the wildlife that exists in these areas of nature protection.

I do not know anyone personally that to do the work of rangers but I've seen many people doing this job in national parks that exist in Chile, for example, Robinson Crusoe island, also in institutions such as CONAF, CONAMA that are working directly with the parks nationals in the country.

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  1. enjoy job :)
    you would have the possibility of contact with nature.

    beautiful, hugs for you Maricel ;)