miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

My activity in free time

My activity in free time

my activity in free time is very entertaining. Is very important to have time to do things for enjoy and relax, also is very good for be happy, ajjaja..
The sport is generally one of the things that I like most, but the activity that is wonderful is The rollers.
the rollers in the Street is very entertaining, but I can not practice very often, not always I have time to rollerblade and that's sad.
I rollerblade since I was 7 years old and very young I have never stopped rollers in the street.
when i was 7 years old, my father bought me a pair of Rollers for children and my motivation was very stronge. for many years I love this sport and I hope to have more time to practice.
I like parctice in the rollers, because it is very entertaining, enjoying especially in the street, however it is dangerous when there are many cars.
I especially remember when I fell in my rollers, this fall was very strong. but it is bad beacuse if you have fear slide in the rollers is dangerous.

well, but my motivation is more stronger than the danger of an accident.

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

the explosion of an Volcano

The explosion of a volcano in europe
The volcano that erupted in Europe and is located in Iceland caused many problems on the Continent of Europe. This is a terrible catastrophe

The Best Film

The best movie that I've seen recently is

The premier of this film was in summer ago, but I see this movie very recently.
This movie was great, and I saw the weekend. The Orphan is a scary movie. this film is very good, it has suspense, is mysterious and also keeps the attention of people all the duration of the film.
The star of the film is a girl that looks like of ten year old girl. This child is wanted in a psychiatric hospital in the country of Russia. She escaped from the hospital and she hides in a orphanage. she enters in this orphanage as a child of 10years. The orphan really has about 35 years, but looks like of ten years. The clothing and way of life of the girls is very sad, and the parents who adopt the girl the receiving at home.

The end of the film is of scary!!. The girls is a murderer and is who kills to his parents, the problem is that the family is destroyed, but the mother and daughter of the orphan do not died and lived in the home.

I liked the film because it is of scary, and also because keeps the attention and fear all the duration of the movie. It is a very entertaining film with many moments of fear.
this movie is really very good and you can spend time in see.
the artist and star of the film not is an actress know, but she acts really well! and is a little girl in the real life.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Earthquake on February 27

On the night of February 27 in Chile was a powerful experience, because I had never felt anything like it.
The night on the earthquake I was at a party in an apartment floor 21. On the 21st floor of the earthquake was felt with a grade 15 ajajajjaaj. I thought that dying in this earthquake. At the party had many friends and they were all very scared.
In the Department all things were on the ground, all broke. There was also light and had no cell phone connection.
I think the earthquake in Chile was very intense, but Santiago was less affected than other regions of Chile.
People living in southern Chile are more affected by the earthquake of February 27, they lost their homes, their jobs and many people died in a tsunami off the coast of Chile.
Thank God I'm fine and my family and friends also
The earthquake was a powerful experience.

martes, 6 de abril de 2010

My favorite piece of technology

The notebook is actually my favorite piece of technology, this is a laptop that is currently being used often, is really needed and help with everyday problems in communication, in academic work and also to talk with friends.

The first time I use my notebook was years ago, entering college and it really is very necessary to me.

I love my notebook, because thanks to him I can do many things, like homework, work, talk with my friends, my family, listening to music, learning new things with my internet connection, really is wonderful!.

Without my computer would have many problems, I could not do my work, study on my computer, talking with friends, organize my work during the day and talk to my family. If I do not I have my computer all day I would be very difficult, I could not relax either listening to music, could be terrible!

Technology is needed!. Unfortunately I am a user of the technology and is essential for my work.