miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

Chileeee 1 V/S Honduras 0 !!!

I watched all the game of Chile vS honduras. This game was really entertaining and fantastic because during twelve years Chile not game the world cup. I watched the game in my home with my family. I was very concentrated with my brother, my sisters and my parents.
During all the game I was eager and concentrated watching the game but i enjoyed all the time, because the game was entertaining and the players are good.
I think that all the players of chile did a fantastic gam, but the best chilean player in my opinion is Alexis Sanchez, because he is a forward player very skilful and rapid also he is very important because is a goal scorer very talented.
In my opinion the worst chilean player was Jorge Valdivia because was imprecise and vague in the game and with others players he had very errors, but he is a very good playerin general.
I think that Chile is a very good team soccer with many capacity for win soccer games to many group in the soccer , but is too very complicated to have other rivals with more experienced in the World cup , for example Brasil that wined five world cups in the history , also other groups like Alemania , Italia or Italia. Well is very complicated that Chile win the World cup , but if the team soccer Chilean is specific and with good game this can to have a participation favourable in the world cup.
well is entertaining see the game of Chile!!

domingo, 6 de junio de 2010

My best Holiday!

My best Holiday not is easy to choose, because I have many holiday entertaining. But one of my most impressive and new holiday was traveling to Isla Robinson Crusoe.
I went on holiday to this place many years back. The first time when I was to this place I was with twelve years and the second time when I was thirteen years.
The first trip to Robinson Crusoe Island I was a little scared , but it was really fun travel. I did many things, I met many places in the island, such as Juan Fernandez National Park, the coastal area of the island, many people friendly and I lived with a happy family on the island.
I remember this vacation different things, for example: when I travel by boat this was amazing for me, even when I walk many hours to the top of a mountain of great height. I remember that in the place the food was very good. Many fish, seafood and typical food of the island, the lobster dish.
Well my holiday was very good on the island Robinson Crusoe and I think back to visit the island very soon because it is a very nice place, quiet, very nice people and where you can do many things!
well , the holiday is one time for enjoy and relax but is very good when I could to travel with my friends.

My favorite theme of geography

In the race of geography there are many things that I like, but when I choose, one that most interests me in this semester is "Chile geographical problems." This class taught by Professor Miguel Alonso and he is friendly teacher.
I like this class because it is practical, applicable, easy to understand and is much more practical to study and work.
The class of geographical problems of Chile is related to the environment, social and economic of an area or territory, the problems that exist in one place and the complex relation between the elements.
This semester I learn many things related to environmental impact. The environmental impacts are complex, with many professionals who help in the evaluation of environmental impact and working areas well defined.
It is important to environmental laws that apply in Chile, for to make environmental impact evaluation. I think that environmental problems are very common throughout Chile and we have to study all these problems.
When I work in geography the subject of environmental impact evaluation is a useful item that allows me to be qualified to work on the environmental in the work of geography. The geography is necessary to help in the environmental problems that are occurring in Chile.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

My good friend!

I have some good friends, including friends from home, old school friends, but especially my neighborhood friend. she is , my classmate in the university, and also my old classmate at the school. she is Isabel.
I know isabel long time. since we were little aproximatelly five or six years old, but it is my good friend from twelve years of age.
I met my friend isabel in the primary school , and since she lives near my house we share a long time. after we started college together.
I see very often isabel because she is my college friend and we are quite time together.
I get along well with Isabel, because she is nice and we like some similar things like music, parties, share with friends, thinking about some suchlike.
We doing many things together, such fun, share with friends, studying in college, and share experiences every day.
Isabel is in general a person with many good qualities such as friendly, cheerful, comprehensive, and also a good counsellor. She is a nice person.
well my good fiend is important for me . To have one companion for compart , divert and distract is entertaining and more good when are similarities interests.

I decided to study geography because...

Geography is my career since 2007 and I decided to study it, because at the time that I saw my options was interesting for me.
well I found this Career attractive because the courses are entertaining, interesting and a bit complicated.
Geography is about of things such as territory, the environment and biogeography also about climatology, urban development, rural development, social and cultural. Also a set of attractive themes to work.
When I take the desicion to study geography nothing helped me. I only chose my best option at the moment.
I've never regretted my choice because I love geography, but sometimes I studied things that I not like.
the area of geography that I would like to study but it is about many things, such as environment, soils, but also the social and economic area.
for me the areas that i like really is work whith the natural anda the social , the work with the environment is my dream in the future anda i hope have the posibility of to get a occupation in this area .
My objetive in the geography is I help in the difficulties on territory in areas social and essencially in the environment.
well the important is to have valour for study this career , because is very long y with patience is easier